Providing Financing Solutions to Grow Your Business

There are many different options for equipment financing. We offer a wide range of choices and our team of financial experts can work with you to determine which is the most beneficial for you. Some of the most common options include.

Equipment Financing Agreement (EFA)

With an Equipment Finance Agreement, equipment value is defined at the beginning of the lease; at lease termination there are no surprises, and no unanticipated tax liability


$1 Buy-out Lease

With a Capital Lease, also known as a $1 Buyout Lease, the business essentially “owns” the equipment, and holds the equipment. As with a FMV lease, a $1 Buyout Lease allows the business to secure the equipment they need without having a large upfront outlay of cash. But with a $1 Buyout the business owns the equipment at lease end. It’s a good option for equipment that you’ll need to use for a long period of time, that holds a high residual value, or that you’d like to own but are deterred by a high purchase price. At lease-end you “purchase” the equipment for $1.


Fair Market Value Lease (FMV)

An Operating Lease, or Fair Market Value Lease (FMV) allows the business to pay for equipment only during the period of use, rather than owning the equipment. It’s a good option for equipment that holds a high residual value, or for equipment that’s only needed for short-term or seasonal use. Because you only pay for the value of the usage-term, you don’t have to be concerned with holding obsolete equipment at the end of the contract. At lease-end the equipment is either returned or purchased at the fair market value rate.


Sale & Lease Back

Many companies need working capital for expansion and do not want to use their bank lines for working capital. We have a program where we can use the equity in your existing equipment to give your company the working capital it needs. We buy your equipment and lease it back to you and when all the payments are made you own the equipment again.


Startup Program

Most financial institutions will not finance companies that are just going into business. If your company has just started in business, or is in business for a short time usually less than two years, we can help you grow by financing the equipment you need to be successful.


B, C and D Credit

In these tough economic times many businesses have suffered financially. Additionally, the owners of these companies have seriously damaged their personal credit. We have developed a “second chance” program to help these companies. We can structure your financial needs to help you rebuild your company.

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Industries Served

  • Technology
  • Manufacturing
  • Yellow Iron
  • Warehouse
  • Construction
  • Oil and Gas
  • Aircraft, Rail, Marine
  • Healthcare
  • Printing
  • Software/IT
  • Agricultural
  • Mining/Trenching
  • Transportation
  • Food Processing


Up to $100,000

  • Application
  • 3 months current bank statements (all pages)
  • Equipment list provided
  • Credit report (which can be pulled by Advanced Capital)

$100,000 – $30 Million

  • Positive business and financial trends
  • Credit report (which can be pulled by Advanced Capital)
  • Financial Statements
  • 2 years tax returns
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