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Commercial Real Estate Financing

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Operating a small business is not a simple task, but there is a tool that nearly any small business owner can take advantage of. Commercial real estate financing can provide the capital you need to start a new project, expand, or add security to your business. Of course, many small business owners are worried about being rejected or accumulating debt. These issues can be avoided easily, by selecting the right kind of loan. There are many different types of financing, each with their own advantages. Our team of financial experts is committed to evaluating your situation and helping you choose the best kind of financing to maximize your chances of success. Learn more about all of the different options you have available to you:

Core permanent commercial mortgage product (including 1-4 family rentals, non owner occupied)

  • Loan sizes from $25,000 to $500,000
  • No up-front fees
  • Closing in 2-4 weeks
  • We handle all processing and all loans stay in the portfolio
  • 25 year fixed rates begin at 8.5%
  • Interest only available
  • Flexible ARM’s if necessary
  • 70% LTV, up to 80% with seller held second
  • Cross collateralization allowed for higher LTV
  • Minimum FICO of 600 required
  • Property income must debt service at a minimum of 1.25

Soft money bridge lending

  • Bridge to Sale
  • Will allow credit scores under 600
  • Non-seasoned properties (no stabilized rental income yet)
  • Interest Only from 1 to 5 years

What is required to get started?

  • Completed 1003 or personal financial statement
  • Current credit report
  • Brief description of use of proceeds
  • A recent photo of the property
  • Purchase price or refinance amount

Property Types

  • 1-4 Family Rental
  • Multi-Family
  • Day Care Facilities
  • Auto Repair Shop
  • Mixed Use
  • Hotel / Motel
  • Bed and Breakfast
  • Funeral Home
  • Warehouse / Light Industrial
  • Office Building
  • Self Storage Facilities
  • Mobile Homes / Campgrounds
  • Retail / Strip Malls
  • Churches

If you are planning on constructing your own real estate, we have special loans to help you undertake this huge project. Let us help you build your new business from the ground up.

General Construction

  • Loans from $500,000 to $5,000,000
  • Construction loan term is up to 18 months
  • Interest Rate- WSJ Prime plus 4.25 (Currently 7.75%)
  • Interest only payments during construction (from loan proceeds)
  • Hotels, Day Care Centers, ALF’s, Light Industrial, Auto Aftermarket and most owner user type businesses

Single-family, 2-4 units

  • $250K – $5MM+
  • Up to 90% of cost
  • 12-24 month terms
  • Fixed or floating rate options
  • Milestone draws
  • Non-revolving
  • Recourse
  • Nationwide lending

An Alternative To Conventional Bank Loans

We specialize in short-term real estate secured loans for many situations, including bridge funding, land acquisition, development and construction, bank workouts, note purchases, foreclosures and bankruptcies.

Loans from $1 Million to over $50 Million: Domestic and International!

Term – One to three years interest only with no prepayment penalty.

Collateral – Typically commercial real estate. Other fixed assets may be considered in some cases.

Loan to Value – Loan amounts can be up to 75% of the value of the collateral. If the loan is used for construction or renovation, the loan can be funded in stages up to 60% of the improved value.

Rates – Depending upon collateral, rates start at 8%, interest only. In lieu of equity, a fee of 2-7% may be paid. Rates for international transactions are generally higher than domestic loans.

Minimum – $500,000 in the NJ Tri-State area, $1 million nationwide, and $3 million internationally.

Looking to Purchase and Rehab a Property?

Fixing and flipping homes is a great source of income, but it can be difficult to find the right funding. In order to renovate a home and flip it for a profit, you need sufficient capital. Advanced Capital Network can work with you to secure the funding you need today.

  • Rates starting at 7.99%
  • 90% Loan to Cost
  • Interest Only
  • 70% Loan-to-ARV
  • No Junk Fees
  • Close in 10 Days

Do you need quick closings for time-sensitive acquisitions or cash out proceeds from refinances?

CMBS loans provide owners of income-producing real estate access to the capital markets for fixed-rate loans.

  • Nationwide
  • Acquisition or Refinance
  • 75% LTV/80% with
  • Mezzanine Loan Combo
  • Loan Amounts $2 Million-$100 Million
  • 5-/7-/10-Year Fixed Rates
  • 25-/30-Year Amortization
  • Interest-Only Available
  • Loans Are Assumable
  • Older Properties Are Acceptable
  • Sponsor Credit Blemishes Considered

Property Types

  • Industrial
  • Hotels
  • Self-Storage
  • Multi-family
  • Office
  • Retail

These financing options are especially beneficial for those who own a healthcare practice or senior housing.

Multi-family loans made easy

Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae programs
Get the best terms & choices with our streamlined execution across the agency platforms.

  • 5, 7 & 10 yr fixed terms
  • Variable terms up to 20years
  • Full and Partial I/O available
  • Mixed Use allowed up to 40% of Gross Income
  • 650 Fico minimum
  • Foreign Nationals eligible
  • All loans available nationwide.


Consider having the Small Business Administration back your loan. This makes your small business loan even more attractive by increasing the capital that can be gained, simplifying the application process, and lowering the requirements to qualify.

SBA 7(a) – Real estate and general purpose

  • 10% down
  • Fixed 25 year fixed rate!!
  • Loan Sizes up to $5MM
  • Short pre-penalty period (3 yrs only)

SBA 504 – Real Estate only (25 Year Fixed!!)

  • Loan Sizes up to $11.25MM
  • Project Sizes up to $12.5MM

With so many different financing options available to you, it is always possible to find a loan that suits your unique situation. Give Advanced Capital Network a call to have all your questions answered.

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