Advisory Services


The first step in securing capital is determining if the amount you need is aligned with the amount of funding available to your business. Many businesses start the process by meeting with lenders to determine how much they can borrow. This “ready, fire, aim” approach will reduce your chances of getting approved or make the process take longer than should.

Our process starts with building a customized financial model based on historical and projected income. This model is used to determine how much capital is required to support your plan and the funding which programs are available for your business. We also review business credit, market conditions, and other issues that may require attention.

The next step is developing a game plan based on your specific needs and financial situation. For a majority of cases, there is a gap between the capital needed and available funding. We bridge this gap utilizing alternative lenders, a combination of different products, government programs, enhancements to the business plan or all of the above.

Understanding your numbers and having a solid game plan will dramatically improve your chances of securing the capital you need and reduce the time to do so by as much as 75%. We make the process “hassle-free” by building a winning game plan for you and connecting you with lenders that want your business.

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